Parikrama Path

Every day, no matter what time of year, many pilgrims circumambulate the Kundas. Their numbers range from hundreds, to millions. The majority of these pilgrims are accustomed to leaving behind garbage as they walk along, thus making the well traversed path around the Kundas a perpetual dump.

Pretty much any popular tourist attraction requires a great number of janitors to keep things clean. In most areas of the world these janitors are government hired, but sadly, most places of pilgrimage in India are simply left alone to become more and more dirty.

Keeping the Radha Kunda / Shyama Kunda Parikrama path fully cleaned is a big operation. We start with 8 people on the job, per day. 4 work the morning shift, and the other 4 come for the afternoon shift.

Pictured above is a map of the Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda area. The highlighted red line is the Parikrama path we keep clean.

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